Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Decorative Plate

*Ikea glass plate- $1
*Glossy Modge podge
*Scrapbook paper
*A sheet of cardstock (For the Quote)
* Paint (Christmas color)
*Paintbrush and a Sponge brush
*Christmas photo (Black in White)

I used this quote:

In the eyes
of children we
find the joy
of Christmas. In
their hearts we
find it’s meaning. (Print it just like this on cardstock for your plate.)

1. Wash and dry your plate
2. Print your quote on cardstock
3. Glue on your 3 ½ x 5 photo on your cardstock
4. In a bowl pour some modge podge into it.
5. Turn plate upside down.
5. Paint modge podge right in the center with your sponge.
6. Place cardstock that you have already glued on, onto your plate. Then cover it with some more modge podge. Then with a rag push down to get all of the air bubbles out.
7. Take three different sheets of scrapbook paper, but make sure they coordinate for your plate.
8. Start tearing tiny pieces and glue them on your plate. Use a rag to push out the air bubbles.
9. Keep alternating between your three sheets of scrapbook paper.
10. Leave about a inch of your plate (The border for paint)
11. Paint the border and the entire plate your choice of paint. Your might end up painting it twice.
12. Let it dry
13. Paint it over with Modge podge and let it dry.
14. Embellish it!!
15. Buy a plate stand to display it
Give this to someone you love for Christmas!! They will love it.

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