Friday, March 18, 2011


Click and get your freebie!!!
THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Kiki for this ADORABLE freebie!!! My little girl LOVES this!!! What a FUN St. Patricks Day treat for your little ones :)

If you want to do yours like mine I will tell you how:
1. Go to Lakeshore and get your paper dolls lamenated so they last for a long time! Lakeshore has the best prices.
2. Get a roll of magnetic strips. $1 at Lakeshore
3. Go to the Dollar store and go to the bakeware and get a platter.
4. Buy some green scrapbook paper and modge podge it onto your platter.
5. Cut out the dolls and clothing and adhere the magnetic strips to the back of your paper dolls and clothing.

Another fun thing the Leprochan left my kids was a bag of chocolate GOLD!! I told my little girly girl to draw a picture of a rainbow and lay it next to her shoe and just maybe the Leprochan will be tricked into thinking it's a real rainbow and leave his gold in her shoe. She LOVED it so much!! She thought it was so funny that she tricked the Leprochan. Heehee!! I love holidays!! Especially because I'm a mom and I get to see all of the joy and excitment in their EYES.

Here's my little guys shoe.

How CUTE is this!!