Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magnetic Paper Dolls in a Binder

I made this cute Barbie Doll Magnetic Book for my little lady for her 6th Birthday in November. She is going to have a Barbie themed party so I thought Barbie magnetic dolls would be a PERFECT present for her.  I was inspired to make this from a cute blog called Make it and Love it. Go here to see her's!

You want to make this adorable project for a Barbie lover in your life?!? 

First thing you will need to do is run on over to Hobby Lobby with some coupons of course!! and some friends and family so they can help you get your items for a lower price. Hand each of them a coupon for all of the supplies you will be buying at Hobby Lobby. 

Buy some Barbie paper doll cutouts. Use a coupon and they will be around $3!! Grab some sticky magnetic sheets at Hobby Lobby too. If you use a 40% of coupon you can buy one of them for $6. I bought 4 of them. I used my family to help me get all of them at once. I gave each of them a coupon, so I got a discount on all of them. In retrospect I wish I wouldn't have gone so over bored with the magnetic sheets and would have just stuck with 2 of them. There was over 150 paper doll cutouts and I wanted to magnetize all of them. My project would have been so much more costly friendly if I would have stuck to two sheets. While your at Hobby lobby grab yourself some; scrapbook paper, sponges, modge podge glue, and E600 glue.

After all of your paper dolls are cutout you will want to start working on the 3 ring binder. First thing you will want to do is print out a Barbie silhouette. You can find one on Google in images. Glue it on to a black piece of scrapbook paper and cut it out. Glue that on to the piece of scrapbook paper for your cover page. I bought a cute blingy E for Emma for the inside of the binder to personalize it.

Cover your inside with scrapbook paper. I used modge podge to adhere it to the binder.

Adhere a piece of paper to the 2 sheets of metal. I found mine at the very back of the store for a $1 at Lowe's. Use your E6000 glue to adhere the sheet of metal to the binder.
Last but not least put in your envelopes filled with your doll clothes.

 I bought my envelopes at Target for 67 cents each.

Paper doll project: 

-Barbie Paper Dolls (Hobby Lobby)
-Magnetic Sheets 4 for $21 (I made 150 paper doll cutouts with it.)
-Magnetic metal $2 (Lowe's at the very back of the store).
- Scrapbook Paper $10 (I bought mine at a scrapbook store). Expensive paper!! Am I right? But worth it because it's so cute!! :)
-E600 glue (Walmart)
-Sponge brushes $1 (Walmart)
- Envelopes $4 (Target)
-Modge Podge $5 (Walmart)

Over 150 magnetic doll clothes and accessories!!!
Fancy Barbie Doll Dresses!!
 Decoupaged Scrapbook paper to the metal.

Fits more than one Barbie Doll!

This will be so perfect for my little one to take in the car or to Church!!