Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas frame

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

Here is the lovely Heather Mellstrom's Calendar!!!! She is so talented :)
And here is the also very lovely Teresa Mcfayden's calendar. Also very talented :)
And here is my calendar :) I am really happy on how it turned out!!!

I have been wanting to make this advent calendar for the longest time!!! My inspiration for making this calendar was Teresa Mcfayden and The Paper Princess Chronicles blog. Both of them made the CUTEST advent calendars EVER!!!! I'm so happy with the way it turned out :) Big thank you to both of these talented ladies for inspiring me with my calendar.


*Magnets (Micheal's)
*Modge Podge (Micheal's)
*Scrapbook paper (Micheal's)
*Jewels (Micheal's)
*Bottle Caps (I used pop can bottle caps at the grocery store)
*Glitter Glue (Dollar Store)
*Cookie Sheet (Dollar Store)
*Bell (Dollar Store)
*Santa embellishment (Dollar store greeting card 50 cents)
How to:
* Print your numbers on your scrapbook paper and place magnetic strips on the back of your numbers.
*Make a grid of 6x5 on your printer
*Glue your grid on your cookie sheet
*Glue your two half strips of paper on the top and bottom of your calendar
*Make a swag banner that says Christmas on one of them and Countdown on the other one. Glitter glue the edge of your banners.
*Cut out your greeting card and glitter glue it.
*Use pop dots to adhere the banners and your embellishment.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TIn Can

Picture Frames

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Gift

1. Glitter Glue ($1) You can find this at the Dollar Store.
2. Happy Holidays Snowman Sign ($1) Dollar Store

How to: Take your sign and turn it into a Glitter Winter Wonderland Sensation!!! Use Red and Silver :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marble Magnets

*Modge Podge (Glossy)
* Glass marbles (They are by the flower stuff at Micheals)

How to:
1. Paint your marble with the modge podge
2. Adhere it to your scrapbook paper of choice or a cute picture. You could even use fabric!!
3. Let it dry and then cute around marble.
4. Last but not least adhere the magnet to the back of your marble with modge podge.

Picture one's
Copy and paste your picture on a word document. Shrink it to marble size, and print on white card-stock.

Neighbor Gift Idea

Sugar cookie mix and a cookie cutter:

Materials: Cookie mix (Walmart for a $1)
Christmas cookie cutter, hole punch and ribbon.

“Everyone needs a little extra dough for Christmas” (Print this on cardstock.)

Homemade Chipboard book



You can find this chipboard books for a real good price. I think I found mine at Target in the dollar bin. These are a fun thing to give to Grandma's and Grandpa's.


Christmas Decorative Plate

*Ikea glass plate- $1
*Glossy Modge podge
*Scrapbook paper
*A sheet of cardstock (For the Quote)
* Paint (Christmas color)
*Paintbrush and a Sponge brush
*Christmas photo (Black in White)

I used this quote:

In the eyes
of children we
find the joy
of Christmas. In
their hearts we
find it’s meaning. (Print it just like this on cardstock for your plate.)

1. Wash and dry your plate
2. Print your quote on cardstock
3. Glue on your 3 ½ x 5 photo on your cardstock
4. In a bowl pour some modge podge into it.
5. Turn plate upside down.
5. Paint modge podge right in the center with your sponge.
6. Place cardstock that you have already glued on, onto your plate. Then cover it with some more modge podge. Then with a rag push down to get all of the air bubbles out.
7. Take three different sheets of scrapbook paper, but make sure they coordinate for your plate.
8. Start tearing tiny pieces and glue them on your plate. Use a rag to push out the air bubbles.
9. Keep alternating between your three sheets of scrapbook paper.
10. Leave about a inch of your plate (The border for paint)
11. Paint the border and the entire plate your choice of paint. Your might end up painting it twice.
12. Let it dry
13. Paint it over with Modge podge and let it dry.
14. Embellish it!!
15. Buy a plate stand to display it
Give this to someone you love for Christmas!! They will love it.

Tin Treat Holder

Homemade Treat HOLDER Tin Can

1. Tin can ($1 at Micheals)
2. Modge podge
3. Sponge brush
4. Christmas paper (Timeless Treasures has the Santa paper.)
5. Jewels
How to:
1. Trace the lid onto your paper and cut it out.
2. Pain your lid with modge podge and place your cut out on lid. Let it dry and then paint over it again. Let it dry and add your jewels.
3. Put a yummy treat of your choice in the tin can.

Candy Cane Holder

Scrapbook paper
Soup can
Candy Canes

How to:
1. Find a tin can in your pantry
2. Take off the soup label (Carefully, your going to use the label as your template)
3. Trace the label on scrapbook paper and cut it out.
4. After you have washed your can your going to cover it with modge podge (Glossy) and place your cut out scrapbook paper on the can.
5. Let it dry
6. Go over it with modge podge again
7. Let it dry
8.Embellish your can :) Funnest part!! Adhere them on with modge podge. The pop dots don't stay on the can.

Homemade Picture Frame

Wouldn't this be a fun and inexpensive gift for the Grandparents?!? for CHRISTMAS! This is so easy to make and it looks so CUTE when finished. 

How to:
1. Place your wooden frame on the back of your scrapbook paper. I found mine at Michaels Craft Store So there is no pen marking’s on your paper. Trace the inside and outer part of your frame. Cut out the outer part and fold paper and make a snip with your scissors and then start cutting the inside out (This is where your picture is going to be.
2. Paint the edge of your frame. Give it 2 coats and let it dry.
3. Paint your frame with modge podge and place your cutout scrapbook paper on frame. Let it dry and then paint over the scrapbook paper with modge podge. Let it dry and then punch out your embelishments and ink it with vintage ink. Use pop dots to adhere to frame.

*Wooden frame $1 (Michael’s Craft store )
*Modge podge (Glossy)
*One sheet of Christmas Scrapbook paper and punch out paper embellishments ( I found mine at my favorite scrapbook store Timeless Treasures.)
*Paint (Dark Red)
* Paint brush/sponge kit ($1) Micheal’s
*Pop dots