Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A photo I edited using Paint the Moon Photography actions. So much fun!!

Candy LOVE Bottles

Last year I shared with all of you this really cute idea that I found over at
 Random Thoughts of a Supermom and I Heart Naptime. Anyways, last year I put m&m's and I have to say I didn't love it!! So I decided to put heart candies in mine like Random Thoughts of a Supermom and I Heart Naptime did.  I LOVE it so much more!!! I'm so glad I changed it to sweetheart candies.  It looks tons better!!!

If you want to see how it looked last year go Here

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photography Hobby

 It's been over a year that I have been investing quite a bit of time trying to learn more about photography. I recently got for my birthday Paint the Moon photo actions. Which I LOVE so much!!! I would strongly suggest all of you to buy her photo actions.  I feel like I have SO much to learn still. But I do feel like I have made so many improvements from when I first began.

Doll Bed

I have been wanting to share this with all of you since April of last year!! I made this scratch that out LOL! I mean my mom made this, while I was visiting her on a little spring vacation. I gave it to my daughter for her 5th Birthday to go with her very first American Girl Doll. Which she LOVES so much!!!
I found this cute idea here:

Scrapbook Display Pages

I made these cute little Scrapbook pages to display on my craft table. So cute!! And so much fun to look at my little cutie pies.

Valentines Vintage Banner

Last Valentines Day I shared this cute Vintage LOVE Banner that I made for Valentines Day, this year I made a few changes. One thing I have done different is put it in a different spot, it looks so much better too!!! I have also edited it in photoshop, so you can see the details of it better. This FABULOUS idea was found at Paper Princess Studio  Her name is Heather too!! Just like me. :) She is a very crafty lady. I LOVE her blog a lot. All of you should go check it out ASAP! :)

Valentines Subway Art

How fun is this for Valentines Day?!?! I LOVE mine a lot!!! It looks so great as a 16X20.
This is where I found it:

I ordered my print at Costco for $6 and I bought the frame at Michaels Craft store for $10. Make sure when you order it to click on the no button for auto correct.