Monday, October 3, 2011

Magnetic Halloween Frame

My favorite thing about this frame is the orange chevron paper. I am totally in LOVE with this paper. The other neat thing about this frame is the embellishments and the picture can easily be taken off and  switched with different embellishments and pictures!! SO FUN!! I made one for both of the Grandma's for Halloween. And of course one for me.

Magnetic Halloween Picture Frame


  • The banner removeable!!
  • The embellishments are magnetic!!
  • You can change the way it looks anytime you want. If you make a bunch of EMBELLISHMENTS.

  • Lowe's- 5x8 magnetic sheet.  They were only 67 cents!!
  • Frames- Dollar Store. Super cute frames!! Am I Right?
  • Teresa Collins Scrapbook paper and Embellishments
  • Magnetic Strips-Micheal's Craft Store
  • Modge Podge
  • Sponge Brush

How to:
1. Modge podge the Orange Chevron scrapbook paper onto the magnetic sheet.
2. Cut out your embellishments and cover them with modge podge.
3. Stick on your magnetic strips to the back of your embellishments. Your embellishments will hold your photo onto the frame. :)

All done! Easy as pie. :) Now you have a cute gift to give to the Grandparents for Halloween.