Monday, April 30, 2012

Adding to Emma's Banner

HELLO! Tonight I want to share with all of you this fun project I worked on while visiting my family in Utah. During my visit I made going to Hobby Lobby one of the number one things to do while I was there.  Guess what I found? These cute words for my girls banner!! Can I tell all of you how much I'm looking forward to my Hobby Lobby's opening day.  One more month countdown!!!! I LOVE this store so much. I was inspired to make these because of the ones I found at Pottery Barn Kids. There's is so much more EXPENSIVE then mine were at $5 per word. With a 40% off coupon it could be around $3 bucks. Buy one each time you go in TO GET THAT PRICE. or you could bring in a couple of friends and give them each a coupon and some cash to get it at that price in one trip.  I bought my paint at Johann's craft store. $3 bucks total for that. I LOVE the way they turned out. Super duper cute!! It really adds so much more to the banner and her room.
Here is the words that I found hanging above the Pottery Barn Kids store's banner. $17 bucks each. Not bad actually when they were originally $39 each! Mine were $5 bucks each.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Springtime Collage

This Spring time collage was so much fun to put together and I love the way it looks in my home. It brightens up the whole room. I found this fabulous idea to put scrapbook paper in a collage frame in Stampin Up magazine.  You will notice in the tutorial on step 6 I used a silhouette machine. Sadly, I don't have one of my own. I tell you I definitely plan on owning one of my own in the near future. It is so unbelievably AMAZING!! Lucky for me I have fabulous friend who you may all know, Heidi from Sew Craft Create let me use hers :) Yay!!!! The flowers I used in my Spring collage came from Jen from Tatertots and Jello who made this  Flower Wreath isn't it so cute!!! :)  The tiny pinwheels were really easy to make you can find a tutorial on how to make them here. I used toothpicks that I found at my local grocery store to put the pinwheels on. The string on the banner is baker's twine. I LOVE that stuff!!

I hope you all enjoyed my Springtime collage tutorial and have fun making one of your own! The best part of this is you can keep it up until Summer comes around. Also, next Springtime you can switch this year photos for next years photos :). 

Springtime Collage Tutorial