Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4th of July Magnetic Frame

I Love the 4th of July!! One of my favorite holidays!!! There is not too many cute 4th of July decorations out there to buy. Probably, one of the main reasons why I don't have too many 4th of July decorations. This was so SIMPLE to make. I bought the paper from my local scrapbooking store.

For the tiny embellishments I used magnet sheets. Stuck them on the sheet and cut them out.

BO BUNNY scrapbooking paper/Embellishments. 

The Scrapbook paper is so CUTE and so EYE CATCHING!!! I love it!! Defiantly EYE CANDY.

I bought a 8x11 sheet for a $1 and 2 4x6's for 6o cents each. VERY cost friendly!! I bought mine at Lowe's. Go to the very BACK of the store and you will find them there.  I had to do it this way because they don't have a 11x14 cost friendly sheet of metal at Lowe's. I snipped off a little bit off the 8x11 and stuck them all together with velcro dots.

I used Modge Podge to ADHERE the Scrapbook paper to the metal.

I LOVE the BO BUNNY 4th of July Chipboard embellishments. They were very cost friendly at $4.50!! With a lot of super cute embellishments that's a STEAL!!! :)

I hot glued the magnets to the embellishments. I used 3 magnets for the long embellishment. 

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY 4th of July decoration!! I hope all of you have a FABULOUS 4th of July and summer!!