Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chalkboard Book

I have found a new obsession! Pinterest is more than awesome it's beyond AMAZING. I have found so many neat ideas from Pinterest. One of them is this really neat Chalkboard book that can be made out of an old board book or a board book from the dollar store. I found mine at the Dollar Store. The idea came from here http//

Don't you love the Eraser I made for my little girl? I LOVE it!!

Thank you Regina Lord for the genius idea!! Mine is a little different from her's. The tittle is made out of scrapbook paper and sticker letters. I used modge podge to adhere it. I covered it with a coat of modge podge to give it a glossy look. The other thing I did differently is I made a cute eraser out of modge podge and scrapbook paper. I think the eraser is my favorite part!!  Emma is already so obsessed with her's and she has tried to carry it around with her the entire day. So I would have to say this project has been a success.