Thursday, March 22, 2012

We R Memory Keepers Giveaway on SCC

Heidi from Sew.Craft.Create is hosting another fun giveaway!!! She made some really cute Easter decorations with We R Memory Keepers  Cotton Tail Collection 

 How cute is this Shadow box that Heidi made with We R Memory Keepers Cotton Tail Collection!! I adore the pearls!! And isn't this paper FABULOUS!!!
 I COMPLETELY agree!! If I could I would eat Chocolate all the time. If only my Hips would allow it.
Oh and how CUTE is this banner and EASTER pinwheels!! 

Go HERE to enter for your chance to win these fabulous prizes from We R Memory Keepers 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo of my Cutie!

I thought I would share with all of you the cuteness that comes through in this photo of my little guy. I tell you this boy loves to kiss and hug. He is one cute and affectionate boy. I LOVE it! Sometimes it has me rolling with laughter when he starts kissing and hugging me non stop. Nothing cuter than his kisses and hugs. This photo is PERFECT because it reminds me of his favorite thing to do with those lips. Hehe!! So cute I kind of am obsessed with this guy. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Edit of Bunnies In a Jar

So I FINALLY found what I have been looking for to make my Bunnies In a Jar perfect!!  Some pink Easter Candy Grass at one of my favorite places, Target. I was sooo very excited to finally find some of this stuff to complete my Bunnies In a Jar.  I have posted a lot about these cute things and I promise You won't be hearing from me again about this project. :) Hehehe!! 
Big thank you to Not So Idle Hands, Crafts from the Crafty for giving me the inspiration to make this cute Easter decoration!! :)
Go here and here to see my other posts about these cute Bunnies.

Imaginisce Giveaway on Sew. Craft. Create

Heidi from Sew.Craft.Create is hosting a giveaway for Imaginisce. She made some really cute things with their stuff.  Wouldn't it be so much fun to win!! So you could make some of these really neat things for your kids!?!? I hope I WIN!!! Go HERE to enter.

You could win all of these fun things!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photo Shoot with my loves

This cute little girl has my heart! She has been such a funny girl lately. Out of the blue she says, "My brain is going to fall out of my head and go walking around in Saturn." This had me rolling with laughter. I didn't want to forget this so I made note of it in my iPhone. LOVE the iPhone and all of the fun apps that makes your life easier. 
All of my photos were taken with the fabulous Paint The Moon Photography  actions! These photos were taken for Valentines Day! I love the one of my little man lying on the cement pointing at the sky. Probably my favorite photo of all time of this guy. I wonder what he's pointing at??? 
I LOVE Annie's photo actions and she is so nice. The packages that I bought are Miracle Makeover and Essentials. If you're interested in purchasing any of her packages you must first purchase photoshop. Eventually I will purchase all of her actions, which I cannot wait for that day!! Stay tuned for a fun Easter photo shoot I will be doing with my cute kiddos.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Decorating E's Room

 This BIG E! is for my little lady's bedroom. I bought my giant letter at Michaels Craft store for $4! The paper was bought at a specialty scrapbook store for a $1 and I already had ribbon from the banner I made for little E's room. So easy, inexpensive and it takes little time to make. Trace your letter onto your paper and cut out. I covered the letter with modge podge  and placed the cut out paper onto the letter. I decided not to cover the paper with glue, because I'm starting to hate the shiny streaky look from it. I made a cute bow and a flower for EXTRA cuteness!! :)

Make Your Own Pottery Barn Kids Decorations

I walked into Pottery Barn Kids a couple of weeks ago and saw this cute pennant banner hanging up on there store wall and fell completely in LOVE with it. I thought hey..., I could make this for my little lady's bedroom, so I did! Do you want to make one for your little lady's room? If so keep reading to learn how I made mine.
  •  The first thing I did was go over to one of my FAVORITE specialty scrapbook stores, Timeless Treasures and picked out some cute scrapbook paper that would coordinate well with my little lady's room. I picked out 4 different sheets of paper and I bought 3 sheets of each. 
  • I used a pennant pattern that I already had on hand and traced it  onto the paper. I was able to fit about 3 pennants on each piece. After I traced all of them I cutter  all of them out.
  • The next day, I punched holes with a hole puncher on each side of the pennants.
  • For the ribbon I bought mine at Michaels Craft store.  I used 6 yards of 1 1/2 inches thick of ribbon.
  •  I threaded them together in a pattern. While I was threading them I realized it needed more color to it  so I used the other side of the double sided paper to add more color. 
  • After I was done threading them together, I tacked them up onto her wall. 
If you want to add a little extra cuteness to it you could make some flowers to go at the end and at the curves of your banner. I made a total of 4 flowers for mine. This entire project costed me around 18 dollars! Not bad! Right?!?  If I were to buy something like this at Pottery Barn Kids it would have costed me an arm and a leg. LOL!!  Later on in the future, I would like to buy the cute words PB Kids have. I will hang them above the banner. They are so CUTE!!  I will probably end up making my own words, when Hobby Lobby opens up in our area in May. I cannot wait for May 11th!! I am going to be there like all the time. LOL! :)

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bunnies In a Jar

Go HERE for the latest edit of my Bunnies In a Jar!

This is where I found this cute idea. I bought all of my materials at Walmart. Except for the grass, I really wanted to do candy grass but I could not find it anywhere. So I used organic grass that I found at my local grocery store. If I can ever find some candy grass, I will be replacing it.

And then I made these ones because I couldn't decide which ones I liked more. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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Monday, March 5, 2012

How cute are these?

I am seriously in LOVE with these chocolate bunnies!! I want them. Now where do I go to get these cute BUNNIES?!?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Egg In a Frame

I used my leftover can of blue spray paint from my Easter Silhouettes project and covered it with some cream white paint after the blue dried. This was a SUPER DUPER Easter craft!! Anyone can do this Easter PROJECT.  You can get the Egg Silhouette here It is the EGG silhouette. Embellishments  always makes your projects look 100 times cuter!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easter Silhouettes

I am already gearing up for Easter! What can I say, I LOVE Easter. I have this fun Craft club that my friend Heidi from Sew.Craft.Create and I started in my Church. We usually meet up once a month and all the sister's in the ward and anyone who wants to come is invited! I LOVE it!! I actually wish we could get together to craft more like once a week. The only problem is after craft night is over I have the hardest time falling asleep. Anyone else have that problem after going out with friends or doing something fun? All those crafty ladies that I craft with really helped me out on this project! I am so happy the way it turned out. You can find this neat idea at K.I.S.S. {Keep It Simple, Sister}