Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dollar Store St. Patricks Day Craft

What you need:
Vase $1
 2 Green Rocks $2
2 bunches of Green Flowers $2

Pretty AWESOME!!! I LOVE how cute it looks next to my Keep Calm and Pinch On picture!!

I Would Get LOST with you any day!!!

If your a LOST fan your going to love this date idea for your hubby!!

 In the binder is a letter explaining the reason for the date. I was really excited about planning this date for my hubby!!! And I mean really EXCITED!!! I could barly contain my excitement!! He has been working a ton of crazy work hours and he really needed a night of fun and relaxation so I thought this was the perfect date for him!! He is a Tax Auditor and they work a ton of hours during this time of the year. And I mean a TON!! Thank goodness he's done with that for awhile. The kids and I have missed him!!
 I LOVE the Tickets!! Super duper cute!!
 I added a little flower to mine. What do you think? I LOVE it!!
 I could not find any normal airplanes at the dolloar store so I had to go with the pink and yellow airplanes. My little girl loved them!!
I have recently discovered this SUPER and CREATIVE  blog on how to date your husband and they have so many cute date ideas!! When I came across this dating idea from Tara, one of the dating divas, I was so EXCITED!!!  Go check out Tara's date:

Adam loved the date!! It was so much fun to see the look of happiness and excitement on his face when I suprised him with this fun date!! THANK YOU Tara for this awesome date idea!!!