Saturday, October 20, 2012

EEEEK!!! Bats!!!

How do you like my bats?! I love them so much! It's just the right amount of scary for me. The inspiration came from Country Living  I have so many great ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find fabulous ideas from talented and creative people.  I love the way it turned out!!!

This was such a easy and inexpensive Halloween decor idea!! If you have a Silhouette machine or a friend it makes it super easy and saves you in having to trace and cut out a bunch of bats. So grateful to have a friend that has one. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to own my own Silhouette machine.

So what are all of you up to for today? We are watching 13 Nights of Halloween on abc family! The Littlest Vampire as I type this. Such a cute movie and perfect for what I'm posting about. You know "Bats" So fun!!

Have a spooky day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars

I have been having so much fun making Halloween crafts this year.

I want Halloween to last forever!! How about you?  I was on Pinterest a couple of days ago and found 
this from a cute blog called Pink Cake Plate I thought they were so dang cute and I knew 

right away I had to make them. She bought her Owls at the Dollar store. I was so very excited and

thought her jars were so dang cute that I hurried over to the Dollar store. When I got there I was SO 

SAD to find out they were all gone!! I was sooo disappointed until I found these Cute pumpkins at Hobby Lobby to replace the Owls that I so badly and I mean so
badly wanted to go on the top of my lids.  They were such a good price too! Only 50 cents for

each pumpkin. I like them so much!! I was practically jumping up and down when I found these

Halloween gems. Also, while I was at Hobby lobby I grabbed the rest of my supplies I needed.

Picked up at Hobby Lobby:
-Black Glitter
-Wodden Candlestick holders. (Bag of 4 for $2.99)
-Wooden bases (Bag of 4 for $2.99)
-E600 glue
Things I already had in my craft stash:
-Sponge Brushes
-Modge Podge
-Black paint
At the Grocery Store:
-Candy Corn
-Reseess Pieces 
-Halloween Marshmallow's 
-2 Pizza jars (Making Pizza for dinner this week!)
-Pasta Sauce jar 

DIY Apothecary Halloween jar was so much fun to make and really easy! I am so BAD at taking 

tutorial pictures. I keep telling myself I will do better at taking pictures. But, I never do. LOL! Maybe 

one day I will do better. So since I didn't take pictures I will tell you how. First thing to do is to wash

your jars after using them. I used Goo Be Gone to get the goo off of the jars from the labels. Works like

a charm. Paint your lids, wooden sticks and bases black. I painted them 2 times. Glue your pumpkins or

whatever you have to your lids. While they're drying, cover your candlesticks and bases with modge

podge and sprinkle them with black glitter. 

After the glitter has dried, glue the candlesticks to the bases. There is going to be lots of waiting so you 

have to be patient. :) Once they have dried glue them to the jars. The next day fill your CUTE 

HALLOWEEN APOTHECARY JARS with your yummy and delicious Halloween Candy.

I LOVE the candy choices!! SO eye catching. Candy is so pretty and so yummy!!!

I love these pumpkins so much!! At one point I considered covering the pumpkins in glitter. So glad I

didn't They look so much better the way they are. 

Tip: Wash your bottles in the dishwasher and then pour some white vinegar in them and let them sit over night. In the morning put them back in the dishwasher for one more wash.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Halloween crafting to all of you.