Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Barbie Picture Frames

Look what my Mom made for Emma!! These are so cute!! All you need is a picture frame, scrapbook paper and some vintage doll clothes.

Homemade Journals

I modge podged paper onto a jar for our journal jars. It took too long to do, so that's why we went with the flower jars. :)

Here's my journal :)


*Scrapbook paper

*A Cricket machine (Cut out letter's)

*Modge Podge

*Glitter Glue (optional)


How to:

1.Trace a piece of scrapbook paper on the notepad

2.Glue on the modge podge and place your traced paper on it. Let it dry and give it one more coat of modge podge.

3.Cut out a saying or just your name on your cricket machine and glue it on with a glue stick.

4. Cover it one more time with modge podge and let it dry.

5. Use your glitter glue on your name and whatever else you'd like to put glitter glue on.

I can't wait to start using my homemade journal and journal jar :) You can find journal jar questions on Google.

Journal Jars

My Mom and I are doing a 12 days of Christmas for our family and a family in need of a little Christmas cheer. I am so excited!!! Anyways, for the third day of Christmas, we are giving the family and ours a homemade journal and a journal jar. I wanted the journal jar to look really cute. So I googled journal jar and found this website: This website is great it even shows you how to make the roses :)

Have fun making yours!!