Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photo Shoot with my loves

This cute little girl has my heart! She has been such a funny girl lately. Out of the blue she says, "My brain is going to fall out of my head and go walking around in Saturn." This had me rolling with laughter. I didn't want to forget this so I made note of it in my iPhone. LOVE the iPhone and all of the fun apps that makes your life easier. 
All of my photos were taken with the fabulous Paint The Moon Photography  actions! These photos were taken for Valentines Day! I love the one of my little man lying on the cement pointing at the sky. Probably my favorite photo of all time of this guy. I wonder what he's pointing at??? 
I LOVE Annie's photo actions and she is so nice. The packages that I bought are Miracle Makeover and Essentials. If you're interested in purchasing any of her packages you must first purchase photoshop. Eventually I will purchase all of her actions, which I cannot wait for that day!! Stay tuned for a fun Easter photo shoot I will be doing with my cute kiddos.