Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emma's/Luke's Room

I know when you look at these pictures your going to say that looks more like a girls room than a boys room and I agree with you 100%. All I can say is, it's REALLY hard decorating a room for a boy and a girl!! Anyways I hope you all like what I have done to there room.

I have a really CUTE vintage Robot picture that I will post later for part of  Luke's room :)

Vintage LOVE Banner

Thank you Heather Melstrom for the fabulous idea!!! Go to to see hers.
This is how I made mine:
1. Print out Heather's vintage valentines.
2. Conversation hearts box's ( I bought mine at the Dollar Store
3. Two sheets of scrapbook paper.
4.Ribbon, tule, red embossing glitter, Modge podge, letters to spell LOVE.

How To:
1. Trace a square in the middle of the Conversation Hearts box. Poke in the middle and cut out the traced square.
2. Cover the parts that will have glitter with Modge podge.
3. Start sprinkling on the glitter. Let it dry.
4. Cut out a square of scrapbook paper to go in the box.
5. Glue on ribbon, tule and letters with a glue gun.
6. Cover vintage pictures with modge podge. Let dry.
7. Hot glue on the banner. Picture, conversation hearts box, picture, conversation hearts box, picture.
8. For the clothespins, cover it with modge podge and sprinkle your glitter on it. Let dry.
9. Hang it up in a fun place.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!