Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Candy Love Bottles

 I USED M&M's last year and this year I used Sweethearts candy! Which one do you like more?  I LOVE them both.

My inner child was so delighted when I saw some other crafters putting candy in bottles!!! Mine is a mix between I Heart Naptimes and Random thoughts of a Supermom. I used the same bottles Jamielynn from I Heart Naptime used. You can find them at a Vons grocery store for a pack of 4 for $4 dollars. I used the same idea as Random thoughts of a Supermom by making a word out of them. For mine I spelled LOVE and she spelled CANDY. I thought it would be fun to display Valentines M&M's. My favorite!! They look so cute and yummy!! I LOOOOVE how it turned out!!!!! Tip: Don't make the mistake I made. ;) Get your self some goo be gone. If you don't want to spend the money for it, you can always squirt some dish soap on the bottles and scrape the goo off with your finger nails. That's what I ended up doing. :) Make sure to wash them after peeling the labels off and let them dry over night.
I bought the IZZE Sparkling Blackberry drinks. The bonus is you get to drink a  YUMMY  drink and then use them for your craft.  My little girl LOVES these drinks. If I let her she would have guzzled all 4 bottles!!