Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas frame

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

Here is the lovely Heather Mellstrom's Calendar!!!! She is so talented :)
And here is the also very lovely Teresa Mcfayden's calendar. Also very talented :)
And here is my calendar :) I am really happy on how it turned out!!!

I have been wanting to make this advent calendar for the longest time!!! My inspiration for making this calendar was Teresa Mcfayden and The Paper Princess Chronicles blog. Both of them made the CUTEST advent calendars EVER!!!! I'm so happy with the way it turned out :) Big thank you to both of these talented ladies for inspiring me with my calendar.


*Magnets (Micheal's)
*Modge Podge (Micheal's)
*Scrapbook paper (Micheal's)
*Jewels (Micheal's)
*Bottle Caps (I used pop can bottle caps at the grocery store)
*Glitter Glue (Dollar Store)
*Cookie Sheet (Dollar Store)
*Bell (Dollar Store)
*Santa embellishment (Dollar store greeting card 50 cents)
How to:
* Print your numbers on your scrapbook paper and place magnetic strips on the back of your numbers.
*Make a grid of 6x5 on your printer
*Glue your grid on your cookie sheet
*Glue your two half strips of paper on the top and bottom of your calendar
*Make a swag banner that says Christmas on one of them and Countdown on the other one. Glitter glue the edge of your banners.
*Cut out your greeting card and glitter glue it.
*Use pop dots to adhere the banners and your embellishment.