Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pottery Barn Play Kitchen Utensil Holder

I love all of Pottery Barn Kids merchandise!! I even LOVE sometimes even more the things they display in their magazines but don't sell in their STORES. This makes it really HARD for me because SOMETIMES I NEED/WANT what they have but is not for SALE to us. For EXAMPLE This cute UTENSIL HOLDER they do not sale it. So what's a MOM to do?? Invent one similar to their's of COURSE!! 

Do you WANT to MAKE one for your little ONE?? Well read on if you would like to know how. SO EASY and SIMPLE and CUTE!!!
1. In you pantry find a tin can. I used an apple sauce can. Carefully peel off the wrapper and set it aside.
2. Empty and wash the can
3. Take the wrapper that was from the can and trace it on scrapbook paper.
4. Cut out your traced paper.
5. Take your can and a sponge brush and paint the can with gloss modge podge.
6. Take your scrapbook paper and wrap it all around the can.
7. Let it dry for an hour.
8. Paint over the can with modge podge one more time and let it dry.
9. Last but not least, put all of your kids cute cooking untensils in the can and place it in there kitchen. They will LOVE it and so will you!!!!

HAVE FUN making yours today!!! :)


More Than A Mom said...

Wow! I LOVE how you did the whole kitchen set. Thanks for sharing!

Visiting from Sundae Scoop.

More Than A Mom

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Thanks you!!! I'm so glad you liked it!!!