Saturday, September 22, 2012

All Decorated For Halloween

I love decorating for Halloween! I pulled out the decorations yesterday and decorated while my little lady was at school. She was so delighted to come home to a fun and spooky house. I have so many things I want to do with my kids for Halloween. I can't wait to get started. Today we are going to make Halloween sugar cookies and watch a spooky movie. 

Here is a view into my kitchen 

My mom made this for me years ago! This witch is so cute!! She makes me smile when I look at her. 

Black Hat Society!!

Love the Trick or Treat bowl my mom painted for me!

My cute little Haunted House 

Heeheehee!! This make me laugh :)

Bugs and Kisses anyone?

I love this decoration so much. My mom and I made each of us a cute little sewing witch for Halloween years ago.

Love Vintage Tin Signs!

Giant Cupcake Cookie Jar from Kohls

Love the tiny baby ghost on the Cats legs.

Fancy Pumpkin lady!

She is such a pretty pumpkin lady! 

Thanks so much for coming over! That was so much fun sharing my SPOOKY HALLOWEEN house! How about you? Have you decorated your house yet? I would love to see your house decorated if you have.

Thanks again for coming over! :)

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Jessica said...

thanks for stopping by!

I LOVE the hugs and bugs! That's awesome.