Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentines Day Blocks

I'm excited to share these blocks with all of you!! These were so much fun and so easy to make. Anyone can do it!!

How to:

1. Paint your blocks a creamy white.
2. Go to Google and click on images and type in the search window Vintage Valentines Day Cards and these cute things will come up. Select your favorites and save them onto a word document.
3. Print them on creamy white card stock.
4. After they are printed cut them out and set them aside.
5. Take some red card stock and cut some hearts on your Cricket, if you don't have a cricket you can always draw and cut some hearts out.
6. Using your Cricket your going to take some black card stock and cut out the word LOVE.
7. Glue a letter on each heart.
8. Using modge podge adhere your vintage valentines and your word LOVE on your blocks.

Have Fun!!

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Jen said...

SO cute! I'll make these next year for my daughter. Love them!
Hopping over through a blog hop. I'm your newest follower! Would love it if you'd check mine out too. &

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